N10850 10 Bay NAS

The biggest Thecus tower NAS by far, the N10850 is here to answer multiple needs within your enterprise, while centralizing all the requests and applications.

To do so, Thecus equipped it with no less than an Intel Xeon E3 Quad-Core 3.1GHz and 4GB of RAM, which already performs well on the N12000V and N16000V. Its not a dream: power before was limited only to servers inside datacenters but now its accessible in a simple tower NAS!

Hosting virtual-machines, application serving for dozen of users, web hosting, heavy backup operation, advanced RAID levels, and so on. The TopTower NAS Series has been designed to bring whats best in the most convenient format!

If you wish to purchase a diskless unit and drives, we can complete our NASBIT testing service for you. Simply add it to your cart and make your purchase. Your unit will be configured, set to your RAID specification, then undergo our rigorous testing. Once complete, we will ship the unit to you ready to use. If you have questions, please see our explanation of what happens during the NASBIT testing process.


Standard Edition = Desktop Drives

Enterprise Edition = Enterprise Drives