Thunderbolt NAS

Thunderbolt NAS

Users who have access to QNAP Thunderbolt NAS digital storage devices receive the benefit of not only having technology that ramps up the speed of any transfer, but also allows as many as seven different devices to work together at the same time. That can expedite projects that need to be completed in rapid fashion or require different artistic talents to be merged together.

Yet one of the more convenience-oriented components of Thunderbolt NAS devices is the fact that there’s already a direct connection to the NAS. That avoids the issue of having to get it set up, which can be a headache for even the most tech-friendly among us and virtually impossible for anyone who simply dabbles in this type of work.

Another asset when it comes to the Thunderbolt NAS is that the nightmarish scenario of forgetting to back up work and they realizing it’s been wiped away can be eliminated. Since Apple Time Machine is already pre-formatted, backing up files is as simple as scheduling the computer to handle that job.

Being able to transfer a 4K video file fast and have it displayed at the same time serves as yet another benefit when it comes to QNAP Thunderbolt NAS devices. Also, being able to merge both DisplayPort and PCI Express onto the same cable requires fewer connections to different devices.

In the six years since QNAP Thunderbolt NAS was introduced, upgrades have shown that improvement when it comes to capacity will continue in the years ahead. So no matter which Thunderbolt NAS device you use, speed and coordination will always be part of the package. The G-Technology Thunderbolt also offers ease of transfer that helps emphasize the value it brings.